Marcin Patrzalek


Winner of the biggest music TV talent show - "Must Be The Music"


Classic Guitar – this is how it all began

I jumped into it by accident. The school was getting to the end that year, the time of holiday was about to start. My father enrolled me on a vacation guitar course, just to prevent me from getting bored while having nothing to do. The course was run by Jerzy Pikor, a great teacher and a classical guitarist in my hometown – Kielce. To my surprise I enjoyed the course very much and playing the guitar was great fun for me. That sparked off my attending reagular classes.

It’s been six years since this moment, but Mr Pikor is still my main guitar instructor, who supervises my classical guitar classes.
However, I took a much deeper plunge. The guitar entirely absorbed me so I delved into the world of different guitar styles.

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Flamenco Guitar

After two years of practising classical guitar I decided to try my hand in a different guitar style. I went to a vacation international workshops in a beautiful town of Krzyzowa. That is where I met Carlos Pinana – one of the best flamenco guitarists. I started attending classes run by him. From the very begining I enjoyed practicing this type of music. It was partly because of music itself, partly because it’s very, very demanding, with very complicated technical facets. I knew that mastering it would get me to the next level as a guitarist.

I have been practising flamenco until now with the help of Carlos Pinana who I have regular classes with.

Fingerstyle Guitar

Being still engaged in classical and flamenco music I started practising another guitar style, which was Fingerstyle. That was possible to happen thanks to Piotr Restecki – one of the best fingerstyle guitarists ever – whose concert I went to. I enjoyed this style very much from the first sounds and decided to get into it.

It has been a self-teaching process. At the beginng I watched the best fingerstyle guitarists on youtube, and tried to emulate them. Afterwards, when I was confident enough I started adding my own sort of “innovations”. It was mainly percussive elements. I tried to make my style differ from other ones. After all this is a goal of every guitarist to be recognisable by the listeners.

Next, I started arranging classical and pop music starndards trying to give them my own taste. Finaly I got into composing my own records. This is how the debut album “HUSH” was created.

The biggest success

The win in TV talent show “Must Be The Music” has undoubtedly been my biggest success so far. I wasn’t even able to imagine how it would be to stay on such a big stage in front of an audience, millions of  TV viewers and aclaimed, famous judges. I was spontanous in making decision about trying my hand in this competition, but at the moment it didn’t even cross my mind I was able to win ….. but it happened.

This win is the first step of my mature  journey with music. This is how I treat it. My closest plans come to issuing debut album HUSH, which is happening now and joining the ranks of  Berklee College of Music students.

Next …. it would be great to be able to put my dreams into effect. 


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…. I forgot to mention, I really love drumming.

Some people say
“…you should be called a drummer rather than a guitarit”.

That’s nice.  Maybe one day …..